1.) What is ETEN?
2.) What is satellite based classes?
3.) How are ETEN Satellite classes different from other VSAT based systems?
4.) Are these classes like movie?
5.) How is the Classroom setup?
6.) What is video Archive?
7.) How will I get info about the change in schedule or info about extra classes?
8.) What is the Fee Schedule?
9.) What is VAO ?
10.) For Whom it is targeted?
11.) What are VAO facilities?
12.) Can the faculty see & hear the students?
13.) How will students ask query from faculty?
14.) What is SAS?
15.) How BMA is used?
16.) Are there regular assessment test & mock test?
17.) Can students get to meet the faculty?
18.) Can students contact the faculty after the classes for any query?
19.) How to register for Video archive? Is video archive available for unlimited views? Can it be downloaded?
20.) Will students be provided with study material and notes?
21.) Can I attend LIVE demo classes before registering?
22.) What is the procedure for registration?
23.) Will I get any discount if I take two or more subjects?
24.) Is there any referral program?
25.) Is there any Scholarship program?
26.) Is there any minimum attendance requirement?
27.) How many students have availed of ETEN? Are they satisfied?
28.) How it is different compared to other Face to face classes?